Why the population exodus from Sydney?

Despite Sydney being one of the best cities in the world to live, there is population exodus with Sydneysiders moving interstate. sydney

Typically, Sydney gains population from overseas and loses population to other parts of Australia –  that’s nothing new.

But the 2015/16 ABS figures show a net loss is accelerating with a net loss of 23,176 people from Greater Sydney to other parts of Australia.

The average over the past 10 years has been a loss of 19,000 from Greater Sydney

It is by far the biggest internal migration loss of any Australian region according to demographers id.com.au who believe that housing affordability may be having an impact on the population.


Source: ABS.Stat – Regional Internal Migration Estimates and id.com.au

So who’s gainings from Sydney’s loss?


The internal migration chart shows that it’s partly Melbourne (gained about 2,400 people from Greater Sydney in net terms) but mostly regional NSW.

The following chart shows that the strongest migration from Sydney (some of which will be retirement related) is to nearby coastal areas, with the largest migration being into the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Illawarra and Mid-North Coast.

This chart shows the movement from Sydney to the regions in net terms in 2015/16.

Source id.com.au

from Property UpdateProperty Update https://propertyupdate.com.au/why-the-population-exodus-from-sydney/

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