Coffee vs. Tea: Which is the winner in the game if health? [Infographic]

One of the most common debates in cafes all around the world comes down to two of its most consumed products – Coffee vs. Tea. 

Yet whether you are the executive indulging in your 3rd expresso by 11am or the health minded yogi who swears only by the benefits of tea, the differences between the two may just surprise you.

The first obvious analysis when looking at both products is that both contain health benefits. interesting articles

Researchers focusing on the benefits of coffee have discovered that it potentially has the ability to reduce incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s or even type 2 diabetes.

Additionally caffeine has been known to relief constricting blood vessels in the brain – reducing migraines.

Findings in the study by the National Cancer Institute, however, suggested that tea contains antioxidants and potential cancer-fighting properties.

It would seem though that consumers need to be weary of the kind of tea they purchase – as each contains different levels of benefit.

The most beneficial of the teas is green, which in addition to teas already great benefits has the potential to protect DNA cells.

Yet whether you are a coffee or tea advocate, there are 2 major rules that goes across both products – over-consumption and additives.

Just like adding mayonnaise to a salad reduces the point of consuming the greens to begin with – adding sweeteners, cream or too much milk to either tea or coffee reduced any benefit of either.

To find out more information on the analysis, please find the info-graphic below:


 Source: PolicyExpert


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