Don’t let anyone hijack your A-list today

People get hijacked all all the time.

They allow others to hijack their time, and their lives.

I rarely get hijacked.

Most of my days are scripted before I even begin.journal-791286_1920 (1)

I aim to work on my ‘A-list’ for 80% of the time.

My A-list are the projects that will have a direct impact on moving me towards my top goals.

Because my life is so jam packed with A-list activities, those who try to hijack me must wait until I move onto my B-list or C-list, so I can spare some time for things that don’t assume urgency for me.

Of course, this method has obvious drawbacks.

I no longer consider myself impulsive, chaotic, or a spur-of-the-moment sort of person.

With maturity, I have had to allow those descriptions to disintegrate, and embrace the beauty of the words ‘planner’, ‘focused’ and ‘purposeful’.

In return for releasing the more outwardly fun filled method that the majority of people embrace of flitting from meaningless project to meaningless project, I am granted serenity and clarity.

A fair trade off  

Of course, there are people who don’t get this.

They can’t see why I’m unwilling to come out to dinner at the last moment, or drop everything when they proverbially stub their toe in the markets.

However, I know how weak willed I can be.

If I am left with ‘free time’ on my hands – of course I will always waste it.

I will ‘spend’ it with the frivolity of a teenage girl being given a credit card with no limit.

Plus, at the end of the day, I’ll have nothing to show for it.

I fight for my control

There are temptations everywhere, deliberately at war with my A-list projects.

The bing of a computer as it updates, a Facebook friend in need of comfort, an editor who wants an immediate article written because they forgot to tell me about it 3 weeks ago.

I fend them all off, like I’m batting away a swarm of bees, and take refuge in my office – away from the outside world where ‘urgent’ takes precedence over ‘important’.

My A-list approach means that when I lie my head on the pillow at night, I know I have achieved.

In ‘Louise World’, that to me spells a good day, and I can rest easily.

No sleepless nights spent in dread of impending chaos.

No snap decisions made where I haven’t given due time to consider the consequences.

You have a fundamental choice to make today

Either you respond to people’s childish, spur-of-the-moment demands, or you fight that temptation and accomplish your own goals.

Yes, you will have to fight.goal image

You’ll have to set boundaries.

You’ll have to be willing to offend to achieve what is in your heart and holds personal relevance to you.

I urge you to fight.

Know that if you set yourself on this course, a growing number of people will feel frustrated or even angered with you.

However, the ones that are worth it will adjust to your new A-list regime.

They’ll even grow to like it.

Prioritise your own goals, or you will be submerged by others agendas.

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