Strive for Significance Not Wealth

According to my research, being rich eliminates approximately 67% of life’s problems, which means a reduction in 67% of the unhappiness you experience.

But a reduction in unhappiness does not correspond to an increase in happiness.

It doesn’t work that way.goals motivation

True happiness can only be found when you strive for significance.

Significance is the pursuit of excellence. 

When you make self-improvement a daily habit you become better – better health, better knowledge and better skills.

The better you become, the more significance you add to your life.

By becoming better, we are living a life of significance and this produces a feeling we call happiness.

This is why pursuing your dreams, your passions and your goals is so important.

They are the keys to true happiness.

The pursuit of these things forces you to grow as an individual, to better yourself.

The pursuit of dreams, passions and goals forces you to gain knowledge, skills and expertise you did not have before.

You become more significant.

And the result is happiness. 

Wealth Retreat 2017 - Tom Corley

Happiness has many components: confidence, achievement, fulfillment and feeling valuable.

These things make you feel more significant.

The road towards greater confidence, achievement, fulfillment and value to others is found in daily self-improvement.

This daily self-improvement is forced upon you by pursuing your dreams, passions and goals.

So, you see, the true path towards happiness is becoming significant.

And significance is acquired when you pursue the things in life, your dreams, passions and goals, which force you to grow and improve as a human being.

As you grow, as you improve and as you become better, you feel more significant.

And happy.

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